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Website for KABK Graphic Design + Non-Linear Narrative Graduation 2019 (w/ Jan Husstedt, Rully Irawan, Theresa Scherrer, Cato Stigter)
Violent Patterns Event website for symposium with random generated type (w/ Jean-Baptiste Castel, Astrid Feringa, Emma Verhoeven, Benjamin Earl)
EEESSS THREE.js splash page for esports clothing brand (w/ Kateryna Gaidamaka, Antonia Schwaiger)
No Home Like Place Explore Airbnb through generated collages (w/ Jonathan Puckey, Corinna Canali, Linsey Dolleman, Benjamin Earl, Astrid Feringa, Emma Verhoeven)
Dance Tonite LCD Soundsystem VR music video (w/ Studio Puckey, Moniker, Google Data Arts)
Gun Girl Girls. Guns. Now in various positions (w/ Emma Verhoeven, Malou Bumbum)
A replay of global Dark Web searches on Valentine's day no limit,s fun (w/ Astrid Feringa, Benjamin Earl)
$me $me Buy my personal data


Will Nuel Be On Time?
Live tracker

🖼 Micha
Glitchy png brush canvas

Experimental parametric letter editor

📝 Transcribe
Live subtitles with built-in image search

🍒 Chery
Web worker based command line in JavaScript

📦 Melon API
Simple JSON storage

🛰 Melon VPN
Before you download try this one secret trick!!

data processors

👓 put-me-on-a-watchlist.py
Pollute your browser history

🔺 Trilog
Track creative output between 3 points

👮‍ thehague_crime_data
Crime stats of The Hague and nearby cities. Scraper included


🏔 Algemeen Grotesk
The Helvetica clone that officially makes me real designer

⭕️ Circumference

Deconstructed letters


Condensed Rusan glyphs

📐 Automated Decorum

Something made with Fontstruct that has angles


💡 Stacks
An interactive table lamp

🙀 Agony UI
A UI library that makes everything scream (w/ Paul Verbeek-Mast)

Contact me → nuel@nuel.work